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N-Butyl acetate
Product name: N-Butyl acetate
Molecular formula: C6H12O2
Molecular mass: 116.1583
CAS No.: 123-86-4
EINECS No.: 204-658-1
Physical and chemical properties:
Properties Colorless, flammable liquid, with pleasant fruit aroma
Boiling point 126℃
Melting point -77.9℃
Relative density 0.8825
Refractive index 1.3951
Flash point 33℃
Solubility good miscibility with alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc organic solvents, compared with the lower homologue, more difficult to dissolve in water
Uses: Used for collodion, nitrocellulose, varnish, artificial leather, pharmaceutical, plastics and spices industry. It is a good organic solvent, can dissolve resin, poly vinyl acetate, polyacrylate, polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated rubber, gutta-percha, poly (methyl methacrylate, etc.
Packing: -


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